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Paddling Odyssey

Level - 1    Ages 13 - 14

Where Will I Go ?


  • Once you leave camp you will spend several days kayak touring and
       remote tent camping
  • This trip also includes several days of white water kayak
  • instruction in white water kayaks.  This part of the trip will be spent
       sleeping at a campground near the river
  • Campers should have some canoe and or kayak experience, be
       comfortable in deep water, be able to swim 100 yards and tread water
       for five minutes.  

What Will I Learn?


  • Kayak paddling, navigation, and rescue techniques
  • How to properly pack and trim a kayak for touring travel
  • White water skills including forward and sweep strokes, bracing, eddy
       turns, peel outs and wet exits
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