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Summer 2021!!!

UPDATED JUNE 10th, 2021

Hello again!

        Registration for 2021 is officially up and running. For folks who have rolled their payments over from 2020, when you go to our registration and log in you will find the balance of your payments from 2020 reflected in 2021. Unfortunately I was unable to make it as simple as possible and just pre-register everyone who rolled over due to the many possible variables that could come up for campers from last year to this. If you are a parent/ guardian who rolled over from 2020 you have priority on registration. Fortunately, since we updated our software last summer, some of the information that you input last year should be saved in the system for this year hopefully making the registration process a bit easier. Below you will find our current plan for combatting Covid-19 at camp. We are confident that we will be able to have a fun, safe summer, and are looking forward to seeing all of you soon! 

-Matt - Camp Director




~If possible, campers should be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before arrival at camp. All staff members will be fully vaccinated by the start of camp, or will be tested on the same schedule as campers. Please email us a copy of your camper’s vaccination card before coming to camp, and bring the card to camp. Anyone without proof of vaccination must be tested on the same schedule as unvaccinated campers!


~Unvaccinated campers will need a negative result from a PCR-based COVID test (or comparable NAAT test) no more than 7 days before arrival at camp. Rapid tests (such as home test kits) are not reliable enough to qualify, but PCR-based tests are available at many pharmacies, doctors offices and clinics. If the result of the screening test is positive, please let us know before arriving at camp so we can make alternate arrangements such as switching them to another session. 


~After the screening test is performed, campers and household members should carefully follow local/state guidelines for low-risk behaviors. 


~All campers should bring enough masks for the duration of camp. Masks will be recommended when physical distance from other groups is not possible, and required when groups are indoors without the ability to socially distance. One mask per day spent at camp should be enough. Remember we don’t have laundry facilities!


~Campers should be monitored for symptoms of possible COVID-19 in the week leading up to camp. If you suspect your camper may have been exposed (or if the screening test comes back positive), please let us know as soon as possible so we can make alternate arrangements such as switching them to another session. 


~Upon arrival, each vehicle will be greeted by a camp staff member. Please wait in your car until directed to the check in area! Any family member who exits the vehicle at check in should be masked. 


~Only campers living in a certain cabin should enter that cabin for move in. Please say goodbye outside! 




~In accordance with New Hampshire state guidelines, all incoming campers who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must be tested with a PCR-based test upon arrival. Our medical staff will be on hand to assist your camper with swabbing. All unvaccinated 2 week campers will be tested a second time 7 days into their camp session.


~Rapid testing will be performed on-site for any camper or staff member who develops symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. Rapid testing will also be used to confirm any positive results from PCR testing. 


~Fully vaccinated campers are exempt from ALL testing requirements.  


~If any test result comes back positive, the camper in question will be retested using a rapid antigen test. If results are positive, the camper will be quarantined, and may need to leave camp. All close contacts of that camper will be monitored for symptoms for 5 days, and tested with a rapid antigen test on day 5. 




~When with their cabin groups, campers will be free to socialize as normal and remain unmasked in their cabins. 


~In line with other camps in New Hampshire, we will now be allowing groups to mix for activity blocks. This will allow the same flexibility and freedom of choice that campers have had every summer. When activities are outside and social distancing is possible, masks will be optional. Masking will still be recommended when campers are outside their cabin groups and participating in activities that require close contact. 


~Large group activities such as meals and campfires will be outside whenever possible, and will allow for social distancing between groups. If keeping distance between groups is not possible, campers and staff will be encouraged to wear masks especially when indoors. 




-Your Friends at Natures Classroom Adventure Camp

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