Summer 2021!!!

Update 2/17/21

Hello again!

        Registration for 2021 is officially up and running. For folks who have rolled their payments over from 2020, when you go to our registration and log in you will find the balance of your payments from 2020 reflected in 2021. Unfortunately I was unable to make it as simple as possible and just pre-register everyone who rolled over due to the many possible variables that could come up for campers from last year to this. If you are a parent/ guardian who rolled over from 2020 you have priority on registration. Fortunately, since we updated our software last summer, some of the information that you inputted last year should be saved in the system for this year hopefully making the registration process a bit easier. Please be aware that we have not yet posted our specific plans in regards to COVID as we continue to prepare for what summer may look like for 2021. Just happy to announce again that things are moving forward and we will be open for this summer! 

-Matt - Camp Director




Greetings all!


        We are happy to announce that we plan on opening for summer 2021! The dates and rates have been updated on the website and registration will be coming soon! As an FYI everything has been pushed back 1 week from last summers dates. Currently we are working on getting everyone who chose to roll over payments moved to the matching sessions for 2021. Once that is figured out we will start to communicate with families to make sure the options work for them. Its been a long year for everyone and its been wonderful getting some emails and phone calls from families curious about our plans for 2021.

        Currently we do not have any updates in regards to exactly what camp will look like for 2021 as we wait for state and federal guidance to continue to come out. Our goal is to run camp as close to as it has run in the past as possible. Of course, as guidance continues to come out there may be some changes that will need to be made, but for now, the plan is to run our camp experience the way it was designed to run! Finally seeing some more positive news in regards to the virus as we continue to move through this pandemic has been a quite a relief and we hope things continue to move in that direction!


        I wanted to also make sure to give a big thank you to all families who joined us for our family glamping experience throughout the summer. While it wasn't the same as camp, it was a blast getting to know some of our families to indulge in a taste of the camp experience. It is confirmed, young folks are much easier to work with on a ropes course than parents! (Sorry parents, its true!) We had a blast blacksmithing, boating, shooting bows and arrows, teambuilding, fishing, enjoying a campfire, and more with some of our families! Thanks again! 


        If any families are interested in a visit to the facility any time through winter and beyond we have a 4 season, 4 bedroom, 2 bath house right on the lake on property available to stay in. Typically it goes for $1200 for 7 days and $450 for a weekend. Its a wonderful old house with some fantastic long term returning guests throughout the summer. Also, we are more than happy to offer up some camp-related activities to any families interested in staying. 

        We are looking forward to the greatest summer yet here at Adventure Camp and we look forward to hearing from any and all returning and new campers interested in joining us for this summer!

-Your Friends at Natures Classroom Adventure Camp