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Adventure Camp is a magical place where children explore the out-of doors, try unique and challenging activities, make new friends and learn about themselves.  Adventure Camp strives to create a supportive community where campers grow in relationship to themselves,  each other and the natural world.  For many children, camp is one of the most memorable experiences of their lives.​

Every summer at Adventure Camp we strive to make your child’s outdoor experience one they will never forget.  Our goal is to foster growth in each camper’s self-confidence, sense of responsibility, understanding of others, and decision making skills while helping them enjoy summer’s fun and excitement.

Our philosophy of adventure is to provide children with a wide array of activities and experiences that supports them in choosing and celebrating their own level of challenge.  Our programs are designed with progression built in, so there are many choices for
in-camp adventures and skill development.  Every year we evaluate our program, seeking new opportunities for campers to challenge themselves and grow in positive ways.

I look forward to seeing our returning campers this summer and look forward to introducing new campers to the magic of Adventure Camp!


Kobe Biederman

Adventure Camp Director

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