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Friends of Sargent Center
Reunion Schedule 2014

Who are the Friends of Sargent Center?

The Friends of Sargent Center are a group of people who deeply care about the natural beauty, mission, programs, and people served by the Sargent Center.  The Friends of Sargent Center is seperate offical nonproffit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2013.  

What is the misson of the Friends of Sargent Center?

The mission of Friends of Sargent is to develop and sustain a relationship between Sargent Center and its alumni in support of the center’s educational purpose.  The Sargent Center provides experiential outdoor learning that encourages the growth of individuals in relation to themselves, to others in a community setting, and to the natural world.  Toward this end, the Friends of Sargent will support all endeavors that reflect a similar commitment. 

How do I get involved or lean more about the Friends of Sargent Center?

The Friends of Sargent Center is actively seeking people who would like to become involved!  For more information on becoming a member, financial supporter, or board member please contact Kobe Biederman at


We would also like to invite all interested persons to join the first annual Friends of Sargent Center meeting taking place at the Sargent Center during the Camp Reunion the weekend of May 30th - June 1st, 2014.


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